Report from the Chair

Report from the Chair
2010 AAM Annual Meeting; May 23-27, Los Angeles CA

The Small Museum Administrators Committee had a very successful annual meeting. We sponsored and/or co-sponsored 35 sessions pertaining to issues in small museums. On Sunday, May 23rd we held a delightful reception with the help of the Curators Committee and the Committee on Museum Professional Training at the Hollyhock House in Hollywood. On Monday, May 24th the 6th Annual Small Museum Day attracted 40 people to our annual business meeting and luncheon. At the luncheon, SMAC held is biennial elections, confirming a full slate for the 2010-2012 board.

Just before the 2010 Annual Meeting , AAM revealed its new strategic plan, entitled “The Spark.” The plan has 4 goal areas: 1. Excellence: develop clearly defined levels of excellence accessible to the entire museum field and recognized by the public. 2. Advocacy: promote the value of museums and conduct state and national advocacy on behalf of museums. 3. Sustainability: Build a financially stable and sustainable association in order to provide the best possible service and leadership to the field. 4. Alignment: Align internal and external resources, culture and structures with our strategic plan, vision, values and beliefs.

SMAC-AAM will join with other committees to help AAM shape these goals and help create a blueprint for change. To that end, I am inviting you here to comment on what you would like to see from SMAC, AAM or both.

Please let us know what is working, what needs improvement, and any ideas you may have for bold new directions. On August 4, 2010, I will be traveling to Washington DC to share your ideas with AAM. This is an extremely important discussion we have been invited to, and it is our obligation to give some serious thought to what we would like the future of AAM to look like.

If this discussion sounds open-ended, it is. There are no limits to what we can propose. What educational tools should AAM be creating? How could the annual meeting improve? What changes should be made to the accreditation process? What can SMAC do to be most helpful to you every day?

I look forward to hearing your best ideas.

Jenny Benjamin

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